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What Not To Pack For Your Move

Packing can be a challenging, laborious task that can last several days. It can be quite daunting to get started as the task can seem unmanageable at times. We’ve already covered articles  on how to pack and what to pack during you move. In this article we’ll cover not what to pack on your move day! This can include hazardous, perishable and irreplaceable goods and pets.

Dangerous household goods

Do not pack dangerous household goods as they can risk your health and the health of others, especially moving company employees and those handling them. Generally, hazardous goods can be flammable, explosive or corrosive. These include fireworks, light fluids, matches, acids, gas, motor oil, disinfectants, pesticides, chemicals and car batteries.

Perishable foods

You should not pack perishable goods whilst travelling long distance, this includes frozen, refrigerated and fresh foods. For long trips food is likely to go bad and start to smell attracting bugs. Food can also get covered in mould if left for a long period.


Pets should not be moved with a moving company. You should never endanger the life on an animal even if the move is a short trip. Instead you should move your pet in your car and keep them calm and stress free. You can also arrange for a special pet movers to transport your pets safely. 

Items of high sentimental value

It’s best not to pack items of high sentimental value with a moving company just incase anything happens to them. If these items are lost or damaged no compensation will be enough to replace them. All irreplaceable items and those of high sentimental value should not be kept with a moving company. These can include personal documentation (marriage or birth certificates), money, credit cards, keys, valuable collections, one of a kind artwork, family heirlooms, photo albums, expensive jewellery and electronics.

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