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Tips To Help Move Furniture Safely

Moving heavy furniture can be dangerous, especially if your not used to lifting heavy objects and ill prepared for the job. Moving furniture can be heavy, awkward and tiring – there’s alot of hard labour that goes into move day. In order to prevent injuries or accidents and to keep your prized possessions safe from damage you should be familiar with lifting and shifting safety guidelines. Caviler movers who disregard health and safety first could end up badly hurt by taking too much weight or lifting incorrectly. We’ve created 6 top tips to help you move furniture more safely.

Dissemble your furniture pieces.

Furniture is without doubt one of the hardest items to move into another home. Furniture is heavy, oversized, often awkwardly shaped, can be fragile and high value, so you need to take extra care. Be careful lifting king and queen size beds, wardrobes, cabinets, bookshelves, sofas, arms chairs, desks and tables. It is extremely important you dissemble what you can before moving day. Try to break these items up into more manageable pieces, this may mean taking apart the bed, shelving and heavy wardrobe. This will make lifting safer, you can move items more quickly and conserve energy with minimal heavy lifting.

Risk Management

Check the path of where you are moving your furniture to and from, check for uneven flooring, tight corners, steps and try your best to make them safe, that may mean using a ramp instead of steps, or putting boards down on uneven surfaces. Make sure all obstacles are removed from the floor and away from your route, pack away clutter in cardboard boxes. Ensure outdoor paths are not slippery, free from snow, dust, mud and ice. It is always best to try and make space for yourselves so lifting movements and not obstructed.

Team Up

One of the best safety tips is to never do it by yourself. Moving should be a team effort, with shared responsibility and workload. The job is too great for one person to manage. Moving heavy furniture alone is dangerous, it if you encounter difficulties theres no-one around to help. Its always best to hire a team of professional movers, however if you can’t afford these services ask favours from friends and family. Once you have your team in place you can coordinate your helpers in lifting heavy furniture with the right techniques.

Use Professional Equipment to move heavy furniture

To prevent accident and injury with your move, get yourself the right tools and equipment to help. Renting or purchasing equipment will make it much easier to move pieces. A furniture dolly is an L shaped handcart with two wheels, making for efficient for both lifting and shifting. A furniture slider is a piece of durable plastic on one side and hard rubber on the other that will make moving furniture easy. Moving straps help move heavy furniture to redirecting the weight from a persons back to a stronger muscle group.

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