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Moving House With Kids isn’t Always Sunshine and Rainbows.

We know how much stress you can get when moving house with those pesky kids of yours. That’s why we have put together a few nifty tips that will guide you through the rough patch which is moving homes. It doesn’t always have to be stressful moving house, you just have to remember to relax, take it slow and to not tense up.

Move house with the right mindset

Getting in the right mindset is always positive, experts have even said that how you manage the time leading up to the move has a big impact on how easily your kids adapt. For example, if you have a small child or toddler calmly tell them months in advance about the move, this will give them time to process the changes that lie ahead.

While in the process of moving house make sure that you never externally show any sign of stress, this could lead to the child thinking that there is something wrong and get them in a negative mindset as well. Even though you might get down and gloomy it never hurts to show a bit of emotion just so you can teach them how you and they should deal with negative emotions.

Let them choose

Letting your kids decide how their new room will be designed is a great way to make them feel a lot more relaxed about moving house. Just take their opinion into consideration and they will most likely be more optimistic about the move, especially into their new and improved room that they made.

Research the area

When you do end up moving to your lovely new home try to research the area and get to know your way around. Share this information with your kids and it will undoubtedly make them feel a lot more at home and knowledgeable about the neighborhood.

If you really want to go above and beyond do a site visit with them to a school, library or maybe a park where they could be potentially spending a lot of their free time.

Purge before packing

If you do end up selling your house to potential buyers who will be snooping around the house and asking you questions just make sure to tell them that everything in the house will be coming with you when you move houses and that nothing will be left behind.

Once you’re ready and decide to start packing it’s always a good thing to get your kids involved in rummaging around the house and pick apart clutter that has been lying around for ages. This will be a fun moving house game for them as they search around and find hidden treasures that they never knew were right in the house all along.

Moving house is one of the hardest things, let alone when you’re a parent, and as a leading house moving company in Luton we understand that it won’t all be very easy going, but just keeping you and your kids happy throughout the process and everything will run as smooth as butter.

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