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Moving house in Luton: How to do it right.

Without a doubt, moving house is a stressful time. Exciting, but definitely stressful. However, with the correct tools, people and planning you could settle into your new home with ease.  It is daunting to think that you have to pack the entire contents of your home into boxes! Luton is a busy area and it is important for your belongings to be packed and transported carefully too. Here are some tips to get you ready with minimal stress!

Cut out the hard work: Hire a Luton man and van service.

No one knows the place better than taxi drivers and removal men. Removal men are always on the go, picking up and delivering belongings to their designated areas. AJ Movers are fully trained in moving boxes safely and transporting goods carefully across the borough and neighboring areas. our removal men know how to handle all kinds of furniture, from sofas to artwork.

Keep important belongings close by

Things like passports, moving documents, driving license and other similar documents and belongings are a must to pack separately and keep close by. The last thing you will want to do when you reach your new place is to trawl through the all the boxes!

Survival Kit

Check out our moving day essential guide to ensure you are organized and ready for when you arrive at your new home. Nothing feels worse than being left without toothpaste or clothes at your new home or having to open all your boxes as soon as you arrive! Essential medication and toiletries should be kept separately from the rest of your packed boxes.

Lists & Plans!

Create a list of your belongings so that you can keep track of everything as you pack them. This will make it easier to identify where to put things and if anything goes missing. Be organized with your belongings! Lists are a great way decrease your stress levels. For those wanting a step by step plan of the build up to moving day, check out our ultimate moving day plan! This contains an easy to follow plan, from six weeks before the big day right up until the day itself.

Unexpected surprises

No matter how much effort you put into planning, packing and transporting – never rule out a possibility of an unexpected event. This can be a number of things from bad weather to heavy congestion around Luton. To prepare for this pack extra food,  wear layered clothing and make sure your phone is fully charged!

We hope that you have a moving day that is stress free – or at least only a little stressful! Get in touch with our Luton man and van service today to get started!

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