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Maintain your new home with these top tips!

Top tips for maintaining your new home!

Moving home is super exciting – it is a blank canvas. However, but with every new home, issues can arise over time. When they do, it is very tempting to call in a professional to deal with it rather than fix it yourself. Which is completely understandable because they know what they are doing. Calling out the big guys is the easier option but it can be a more costly option. So, why not avoid these issues altogether? Now, this does involve mucking in yourself but this can save you £££’s and time. Learn to prevent these issues with these simple tricks you can do be yourself!

Keep your pipes clear

Do you or someone in your home have long hair? Is your sink constantly blocking up? To prevent blockages and further pipe damage, clean it regularly and avoid washing food down the sink. The fatty acids and all things gross can build up in your pipes however, we know that sometimes it can’t be helped. Buying a food catcher can help catch and dispose of all the fats and oils.

Leaking toilets

Having a leak from your toilet can incur huge costs such as plumbing and expensive water bills. Top trick is to add a few drops of food colouring into the tank. This way it will make it super easy to see if any water has leaked around the bottom of the stand or any other place the water shouldn’t be. In this case, you may need to replace the flapper which you can buy from B&Q or Wicks.

Washing machines & dryers

Having a broken washing machine can be really stressful and really expensive to fix. This can hugely effect a family home so it is important to schedule a yearly maintenance check to replace any broken, worn or rusty parts. This is because of the build-up of hard water which leads to poor performance and leaks. For your dryer, it is important to empty out the lint screens this is to prevent fires and promote longevity in your dryer! If you are moving to a new home, ensure that your washer and dryer are transported carefully to prevent breakages that could affect future use.


Maintain your rooms with a fresh lick of paint! Repainting can actually be a huge and expensive job, so a top tip would be to maintain the walls with touch ups of paint. All you will need to do is a colour match some paint, which can easily be done if you have saved a pot of paint or you know the colour. If not, pop down to your local DIY shop for some colour strips to try and match the colour!

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