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5 Tips To Save Money Whilst Moving

Moving can be an expensive endeavour. Packing your belongings and driving a moving vehicle to your next home sounds like an easy job. But Labour cost and vehicle hire and time can be pricey. If moving costs look like mounting up heres some tips to reduce those costs and stop your moving budget getting out of control.

1- Create A Moving Planner:

Creating a detailed plan will ensure that all aspects of your move are accounted for. It will ensure you have all the things necessary for a seamless move, most importantly it will give you a clear picture of where you can save money. You can a save on packaging costs and labour costs by planning ahead of time. Make sure, you define clear moving goals and dates in a schedule. 

2- Calculate Moving Costs:

Do the math and calculate your moving costs with the aid of your moving planner. The most basic step of reducing your moving costs is simply to the as much of the job as possible. But, remember moving companies are professionals and know how to pack and moving your possessions quickly and without damage. The first step is to declutter your home, that way you’ll get rid of the items your longer need and this will leave you with the essentials. The less you have to move the easier and more affordable your move will be.

3. Find a Suitable Moving Company

Get some quotes from different moving companies, see what services they offer and compare their prices. Check out customer testimonials, reviews and look for a company registered with check a trade. Speak personally with their account team and get a sense of the company. If it seems too cheap, its probably too good to be true. The cheapest company will be cutting costs somewhere so this is something to bare in mind on a budget.

4 Pack your belongings like the professionals.

If your packing up your own possessions, this will undoubtedly save you money. Packing services can be expensive as it requires alot of time and labour. You can also be sure that you have packed your own possessions with care so you rest assured they will arrive safely. You’ll need plenty of cardboard boxes, quality packing tape and bubble wrap.

5. Be Prepared on Move Day

By moving day you should have your belongings packed, everything should be going to plan in accordance with your schedule. Set your alarm so you have plenty of time to get up, and have a set of clothes ready to wear for move day. Charge your mobile phone incase you need it and finally have some food preprepared to give you energy especially fruits such as bananas. That way you won’t have to buy expensive road side food.

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